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One of the many key features of the program is custom programming.
If there is a feature you need and it can be added to the program for all customers to use
and we are able add the feature it will be added for free.
If you require a custom feature that is available for only your company
a price can be made and the feature added just for you!

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(Login Screen)
Login Screen When Opening The Program
(Startup Alerts)
Alerts when invoice & payables are past there do dates. Warning Give Information Of Things That Need Attention.
(Posting Board)
Built In Posting Board Enables Users To Share There Loads Without Having To Share A Old Style Dry Erase Board. (Perfect When Your Agents Are In Different Rooms.)
Quote System Allows You To Print Or Email Quotes, Also Can Be Used As A Load Acceptance.
(Extra Agent Tools)
Extra Agent Tools Makes Things That Much Easier. Such as a Commissions Calculator, Area Code Lookup and State Lookup.
(Orders - Step 1)
Create Orders & Dispatch Sheet in Under 2 min. You also have the ability to duplicate a Order & Dispatch With 1 click of a button.
(Dispatch - Step 2)
Create Orders & Dispatch Sheet in Under 2 min. You also have the ability to duplicate a Order & Dispatch With 1 click of a button.
Post & Print Invoices With 2 Clicks!
(Close Invoice)
Close Invoices & Perform Other Tasks Simply And Fast!
Set Credit Limits, Reports & Other features Of Your Customers, Allowing You To Maintain & Follow Your Customer Closely & Helping You Make More Money.
(Customer Last Used Report)
Last Used Report Allows You To Print A List Of Customers a Selected Agent Hasn't Used For A period Of Time, Allowing Them To Call and Maintain Communications With There Customers.
Store & Maintain Your Carriers & Factors Used, Along With Setting Insurance Information. This will help by not letting a carrier be set on a dispatch with expired insurance, or not enough coverage.
(Carriers By State)
Look up available carriers by state.
(Carrier Lane History)
Lookup what carriers have been used by lane history. Example is a Report of all carriers who have gone from California To Florida.
(Totals Report)
Totals report allows you to pull company wide totals and see how your company is doing with 1 click.
(Database Tools)
Allows you to perform database functions when needed.
(Agent Report)
See how a agent has been doing with a detailed report. Perfect for keeping an eye on your agents and see how they are doing with 1 click!
(Agent Commissions)
Find out what commissions the agent is owed with 1 click!
(Print Checks)
Have the ability to print checks.
(Print Envelopes)
Print envelopes with your logo and with addresses from the program, saying you time and money.
(Local Settings)
Settings that affect each user separately. These are configured on each machine the program is installed on.
(Admin Settings)
Settings that affect everyone. Set your company logo and information and more in this area. Set it once, when a user logs in these settings are applied.
Have tons of control over what each individual user can and can not do in the program.

The transportation Broker is set to make and manage everything the pure broker needs.
Customer service is top priority.

Already have a accounting program? We have many export and import tools.
All custom designed to fit exactly what you need and everything you require.

If you already have an invoice or dispatch sheet layout let us know and we will add
that layout to the templates in the program.
Keep your invoice and dispatch printouts the same as your current.

The 30 day demo is the full version of the program, the only restriction is time.
Once you purchase the program you may keep all current work already done in the demo.

We also provide a option to use an online posting board if you have more than one office.
Contact us for more information on this feature.

Email us today with your name and number, we will give you a call and answer any questions you may have.


  • Set Credit Limits on Customers
  • Create/Track Orders
  • Create/Track Quotes
  • Create/Track Dispatch Sheets
  • Set/Check Carrier Insurance
  • Create/Track Invoices
  • Print Checks
  • Print Envelopes
  • Store Carriers
  • Store Customers
  • Store Addresses
  • View Detailed Reports
  • Posting Board
  • Calculate Agent Commissions
  • Unlimited Tech Support
  • Automatic Updates
  • Email Dispatch Sheets, Invoices & Quotes
  • Much Much More!

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Click here to download the program with (If Needed) a 30 day demo
The Demo Username is Admin and the password is blank.

Click here to download Auto Re-index tool (Contact support for more info)

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